SGPL are a professionally managed company providing a wide range of security, surveillance and facility management services matching the gold standards in the industry. Operating all across India covering more than 49 cities in 7 states in Northern and Central India, we cater to the most reputed organizations including multinational companies (MNCs), insurance companies, banks, telecom companies, airports and prestigious government as well as semi-government institutions.

Shortly known as SGPL, Scan Guard offers unmatched quality in the fields of security services, housekeeping, mechanized cleaning, facility management, complete maintenance contracts, pantry services, pest control, manpower outsourcing, gardening & horticulture, hospital administration and sanitation to the MNCs, financial institutions and both government and private departments. We also provide professional catering (mess) services.

A Certified Company

We own the prestigious ISO 9001-2008 Quality certification for the Quality Management System and process orientation in providing professional services to the client companies. The Quality Certification ISO 9001-2008 speaks volumes about our customer orientation, consistent quality of services, operational efficiencies, lower costs and strict compliance to mandatory requirements. We are also crowned with the prestigious ISO 14001-2004 and the OHAS 18001-2007 Quality Certification for the environmental support services, which is a prime requirement at healthcare and environment-sensitive premises catering to masses, such as hospitals, airports and railway networks.

Prioritized Satisfaction

Most of our client organizations choose to renew their contracts with us continuously over the years (as long as 9 years in some organizations) given our excellent performance. We make this possible by ensuring the right mix of resources, what we like to call the “3 M’s”: manpower, machines and materials, to deliver the expected standards.

We have a team of professionally qualified, well experienced managers to handle the operations, providing highest work standards and ethics. The staff is professionally trained and is deployed after stringent security checks and clearances.

Compliance Ready

Over the years we have always and continue to comply with the laws of the land and all the rules/acts relevant to business practices and works. We screen and select the experienced, sincere manpower willing to dedicatedly devote their time to fulfill job obligations. Further training imparted by professional seniors ensures high level of performance.

High Quality, Eco-friendly machinery

We use branded surveillance equipment, security gadgets and machinery from reputed manufacturers and ensure usage of prescribed safety gears and procedures to ensure safety of workmen. The AMCs protect the machinery assets and ensure undisrupted performance. The Machine Operators are thoroughly trained to operate all machinery safely and appropriately.

We use eco-friendly quality consumables and materials while complying with international standards of services. The usage of high standard consumables helps retain the “newness” or life of the surfaces for long periods of time.