Our team comprises highly experienced personnel who bring decades of leadership and industry experience to our advisory board:

  1. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Managing Director (M.D.)
    Ex Vice-President HDFC
  2. Ms. Ritu Seth, Executive Director
  3. Mr. Mukesh Chodha, Sr. Manager (Operations)
  4. Mr. Bhupinder Singh, Sr. Manager (Operations)
  5. Mr. Dheeraj Roy, Deputy Manager (Operations)
  6. Brig. Vijay Chopra (Retd.)
  7. Col. Rajinder Pal (Retd.)
  8. Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma, GM-Security
  9. Mr. Pranav Tek Chand, National Co-convener (Tr. & Ind. Cell)
  10. Mr. Rajesh Girotra, Chartered Accountant
  11. Mr. D. R. Singh, C.I.S.F. Inspector (Retd.), Zonal Manager
  12. Mr. Dhiraj Kumar, C.A., M.Com, LLB, General Manager (Accounts)
  13. Mr. P.S. Rathore, Team Member
  14. Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Project Coordinator